Our Story

Optimum was formed in the late 1970’s as part of the Montreal Star Publishing group. Founder Michael Baxendale was Director of Weekend Magazine before heading up the book publishing arm in the mid 70’s under Infocore Publishing. The name was changed to Optimum Publishing in 1978.  After Thompson Publishing bought the newspaper group, founder Michael Baxendale took the company private in 1982. 

Over the decades Optimum has published over 350 titles focused primarily in the Non Fiction Market. Known for national and international best sellers including The Arctic, Life of the Harp Seal and Children of the North. Margaret Trudeau’s first book in French worldwide and Creative Parenting by William Sears distributed in Australia, United States, U.K. and Canada. 

Political best sellers like Up the Hill, Bourasa to Bourasa, 21 Days, and Bus Boy to name a few Optimum publishes books of distinction and relevance that compel readers to engage.  

Michael Baxendale started to wind down operations at 78 when failing health kept him from his favorite passions or writing and publishing. 

Dean Baxendale

Dean Baxendale who’s career has been in Magazine and Book Publishing, Printing, Marketing, Graphic Design and Advertising started to look for new publishing opportunities in early Summer of 2017.  With his networking skills and tenacity, he found several publishing opportunities and is set to come back with a big bang in the Fall of 2018.  Dean has bought and sold several companies and is investing significant time and effort to relaunching OPI after his father passed away in January of 2017.  Amy Benson a long time Author's agent brought Dean the first book Bad Blood and things have just taken off from there.  Working with free lance professionals Baxendale is able to deploy the model of Collaborative publishing that he designed in the 80's while with Southam Communications. Our goal at Optimum is to publish; Books That Matter