Fedeli Called for Halt to Awarding of Contract to Great Canadian Gaming

According to an interview with John Oakley that is embedded in a larger article by Sam Cooper, the finance minister was quite adamant about stopping the awarding of the Great Canadian Gaming contract.

But between Patrick Brown’s removal on January 23/24 and the peak of the stock, insiders made a cool 1.5 Billion dollars. Nice if you would have known the outcome and the valuation multiple based on the deal.

But after January 26th, the PC Party never took up the issue again. WHY? As Ontario citizens, we should ask why. He is your Finance Minister after all. To quote our Premier, “he is a man with the upmost integrity.”

Read the full Cooper article here.

Excerpt from the article and links to PC Party:

On Oct. 21, former PC party president Rick Dykstra sent out emails titled “Corrupt gaming strategy” and citing the money laundering probe in B.C.

“We should be going after these guys in the house,” Dykstra wrote, to Patrick Brown. “We show their process is corrupt and we can call their whole strategy into question. Just spoke with Duncan Brown, former head of the OLGC. He said based on this, he would toss Great Canadian Gaming.”

OLG executives declined to be interviewed for this story. In a prepared response spokesman Tony Bitonti wrote, “OLG has confirmed with B.C. and Ontario officials that Great Canadian is not under criminal investigation for illegal activity involving money laundering.”

On Oct. 30 2017 in Queen’s Park, PC finance critic Victor Fedeli came out swinging.

“Internal government documents reveal a $500-million money-laundering investigation in B.C.,” Fedeli said. “We read about ‘suspicions of ‘terrorist financing,’’ possible organized crime connections, hockey bags full of cash — tens of millions of dollars in $20 bills. The RCMP investigation goes back to 2015. To the finance minister (Charles Sousa): What did he know and when did he know it?”

And Fedeli pointed directly at Sousa.

“Did the minister know his hand-picked casino operator is linked to a money-laundering investigation?”

Sousa, in response to Fedeli’s attacks, insisted the OLG contract process was fair, transparent, and not politically influenced in any way.