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Optimum Publishing has a long history of bringing Books That Matter to market. By launching both Patrick Brown and Vic Parsons (Bad Blood, The Unspeakable Truth) we felt it was important to capture and tell the story by individuals with skin in the game. Last April, OPI Books provided Canadians with a glimpse into Maxime Bernier’s unfinished memoir Doing Politics Differently. Maxime had strong convictions on Supply Management and if the truth be told, he lost the leadership because of these very principles. He was challenging Conservative (political expediency) on Supply Management. We published chapter 5.

The Conservatives professed to be the party of free trade, free markets and no corporate welfare, but perhaps it was too much for Mr. Bernier when he watched Andrew Scheer rub in the loss in that famous luncheon prank. As you know he gleefully pulled out a carton of milk and drank from it;; thus demonstrating his support for the dairy cartel that helped to seal his contentious victory. In the end, it is called HYPOCRISY, and it is about time that citizens stood up and challenged the politicians, policymakers and the gatekeepers who say one thing to get elected and yet do the opposite, once in power. Maxime Bernier has since formed the Peoples Party of Canada to take the issues he sees as important to Canadians. We wish him luck.

In Takedown, Patrick Brown told his side of the story. He spoke on the very issues that are breaking down our democracy within the party apparatus. It is a powerful and phenomenal story of deceit, covert surveillance, political black operations, big money and turncoats. He also pointed out the hypocrisy of the PC Party and MPP’s that seek power for self-realization while attempting to subvert democracy rather than to implement real change for all of the people. Readers should understand that your democracy has already been SOLD and people need to take action.

In Takedown, we sought to verify Mayor Brown’s story based on his investigations, media reports, caucus and executive members and by reaching out to many who were directly or indirectly part of the story. We will stand behind our author while protecting the rights of individuals to bring their story forward in a thoughtful and respectful way. At Optimum we stand behind the fourth estate as that critical pillar of our democracy and especially in the disinformation and Fake News era. We vetted the book carefully and in certain cases protected the identity of various individuals who were central to the story.

Long live the voices of critique and seekers of TRUTH.

Patrick Brown's Media and Book Tour

Patrick spoke with many old friends and supporters in Ottawa

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Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, has sold more than 7,000 copies so far, according to publisher Dean Baxendale.

In the book, Brown made a number of explosive claims, including that Ottawa-area MPPs Randy Hillier and Lisa MacLeod were “ring leaders” behind his sudden forced exit as party leader.

“Winning a nomination is like winning a seat. We have candidates spending $100,000 on nominations,” he said. “Every political party has challenges with nominations.”

He was also critical of the the political staffers who resigned en masse shortly after the CTV story about him in January. “We hired mercenaries. We brought them in. People who quit that night were mercenaries. When you have mercenaries, their loyalty is to themselves, not the campaign.”

Some members of Saturday’s audience said the events that led to Brown’s resignation had left them disillusioned.

“I found it really distasteful what they did to him,” said Anita Walden, who described herself as a long-time Conservative volunteer. “How could people that you trusted turn their backs on you?”

Added Debbie Jodoin, a former Eastern Ontario Conservative organizer: “I stand with the man. He’s truthful, he’s honest.”

Jodoin says she’s now on the outside of the Progressive Conservative party, looking in, and has never been happier. “I’m a strong Conservative. But people don’t see it that way because I support Patrick Brown. It’s not my party anymore.”


By Alexander Penfold

The following is an excerpt from the Bramptionist, November 18th. My comments follow.

“In an interview with outlets outside Queen’s Park, Ford was asked Monday about what he thought of Brown’s move to pick a fight with the PC party. Ford said, “He really went after people. It’s disappointing and I have to question his leadership.”

Brown Addresses Media and Book Launch

Brown Addresses Media and Book Launch

Ford and Brown have been known to have a contentious relationship and one of the big questions has been whether Brown can collaborate with the province to further Brampton’s agenda and fund major projects to move the city forward. The jury’s still out on that, however.

In the interview, Ford says he thinks Brown did a “disservice to the people of Brampton” by moving ahead with releasing Takedown after winning the mayoral race.

“It’s common sense, you win the mayor of Brampton [race], I would have scrapped the book as quickly as possible, but he wants to get out there and continue trashing people.”

Even before the book was released it was causing a stir in political circles. Last week Ford came to the defense of MPP Lisa McLeod who is just one a group of elected officials and party insiders Brown talks about in his book.”

Optimum Publishing released a Canada-wide Press Release through Canada NEWS WIRE on Friday calling out the premier for spreading false rumours about the content in the book. (SEE FRIDAY PRESS). While the PC Party has demonstrated some fake solidarity prior to the convention in support of Fedeli, the discord and splitting of the party was on full display this weekend. Mr. Brown continues to stand by his tell all book that explores the inner workings of the party apparatus, the plotting by players seeking power and backroom deals and those that broker them. Ford, once an ally, has continued to demonstrate his petty and vindictive streak since winning the leadership of the PC Party and now as Premier.