Freedom of Speech and Seeking Truth over Power

Optimum Publishing has a long history of bringing controversial authors to market. Both Patrick Brown and Vic Parsons (Bad Blood, The Unspeakable Truth) are our most recent. However, earlier in the year, OPI Books provided readers with a glimpse into Maxime Bernier’s unfinished memoir Doing Politics Differently. Maxime had strong convictions on Supply Management, and if the truth be told, he lost the leadership because of his principles. He was challenging Conservative (political expediency) orthodoxy around how do you address policy that you are endorsing yet is the opposite to the fundamental tenets of your beliefs. It is called HYPOCRISY, and it is about time that citizens stood up and challenged the politicians, policymakers and the gatekeepers who say one thing and yet do the opposite.

In Takedown, we allowed Patrick Brown to tell his side of the story and to speak on the very issues that are breaking down our democracy within the party apparatus and those that seek power for self-realization, rather than to implement plans for the people. Focusing on special interests like the new government has by placating and turning a blind eye on the actions party members that were hell-bent on propagating defamatory and hate speech about the former leader Patrick Brown. That is not free Speech it is Hate (propaganda) Speech.

In Takedown, we sought to verify facts by Mr. Brown based on investigators, media reports, sources and by reaching out to many who were directly or indirectly part of the story. We will stand behind TRUTH and will protect the rights of individuals to bring that truth forward even when the powerful seek to suppress it at all costs. I am a true believer in the fourth estate as that critical pillar of our democracy and especially in the disinformation and fake news era.

Long live the voices of critique and seekers of TRUTH.