Doing Politics Differently: My Vision for Canada

Doing Politics Differently: My Vision for Canada by Maxime Bernier in collaboration with Martin Masse

Press Release December 6, 2017

Optimum Publishing International is pleased to announce it will re-launch the publishing house in Fall of 2018 with the Hon. Maxime Bernier’s highly anticipated new book A Vision for Canada. “I want a freer and more prosperous country. I believe in freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect."

The book will explore the Beauce, Quebec MP’s early life and his decision to follow in his father’s political footsteps in 2006, until a decade later when he launched his Conservative Leadership campaign in 2016. Over ten years, Maxime Bernier has evolved from high-powered executive, to rising Conservative and Mad Max, the leader of a fan club and free market movement that's growing by the day.


In Maxime Bernier's not-quite-tell-all book, he promises to reveal how he can 'fix' Canada

'The book will be about my vision of the country. What's wrong with our country and how we can fix it'

In those anxious days before the Conservative leadership vote, while other candidates practised their pitches to the party faithful, Maxime Bernier was spotted rehearsing his victory speech. 

That speech never saw the light of day, but Bernier wants to change that with a new book he's writing.