Optimum Publishing International Responds to Doug Ford's Comments


Optimum Publishing International responds to Doug Ford's comments on Patrick Brown's new book, launching Nov. 16.

TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Yesterday on Twitter and today in the Ontario Legislature, Premier Doug Ford has mischaracterized the book to the public as it relates to Lisa Macleod and Mr. Brown's ongoing support for her mental health challenges.

"I insisted we always give the benefit of the doubt," said Patrick Brown.

Brown writes in the book that he went out of his way to support Lisa MacLeod when she came forward with her mental health battle. He went against the advice of the PC Chair of the Eastern Ontario region and party officials and disqualified MacLeod's nomination challengers. He articulates in his book about the support and help he provided. We would hope that the journalistic community will review the content and report on this aspect accurately and without bias.

As Ontarians may be aware Mr. Brown introduced the largest proposed public investment in combating mental health in the People's Guarantee, something the current Government continues to support.

As a direct excerpt from the book please see the following key narrative dispelling anything Premier Ford has said in public.

From Page 105-106 of the book: "There was a candidate, Goldie Ghamari, who was running against MacLeod in Ottawa for the nomination. So what did I do? I called Ghamari and told her that she could run in any other riding, but not against MacLeod. Period. I thought she'd beat MacLeod handily, so I intervened to protect her. Six months later, another candidate, Ottawa businessman Riven Zhang, decided to run for the nomination against MacLeod. He had a very big Chinese community behind him. Again, I went to MacLeod and told her not to worry about the nomination because I was protecting her."

"Brown's book addresses how allies, friends, caucus members and political opponents were instrumental in his downfall in the moment of crises and in the months leading to," said Dean Baxendale

The book is a Number 1 best seller on Amazon.

Few books have ever moved to the number 1 position in a category overnight.

The book will be on sale TODAY across Ontario and Nationally next week.

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