TAKE DOWN, The Political Assassination of Patrick Brown

For Immediate Release

October 22, 2018

Take Down, The Attempted Assassination of Patrick Brown
Hard Cover $39.95

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"We were making great strides towards a more inclusive, modern, business-savvy Ontario. Yes, it appeared I would be Premier of Canada's largest province by age 40. Instead, on January 24th, 2018, I was all but assassinated in public. Who did it, how, and why? This is a story of betrayal, blackmail, and backroom politicking involving some of Canada's biggest political names. This was my dream, this was my nightmare. 

I'm Patrick Brown, and this is my story." 

OPI is pleased to announce Patrick Brown's sensational new book that will captivate audiences across the country. From his precocious victory as Ontario Progressive Conservative leader in 2015; to his rebuilding of the antiquated party from scratch; to the suspicious speed of events leading to the early morning resignation as the party's leader; Brown will tell a story like no other politician has, in a cultural moment in time, like none other in history. 

"Brown's book will address how allies, friends, caucus members and political opponents were instrumental in his downfall in the moment of crises and months leading to." said Dean Baxendale, Publisher. 

The book is scheduled to be in stores by November 15, with a full media and book tour. National newspaper and magazine syndication is expected.  Theatrical rights are currently available.   

For interviews, media tour and theatrical rights information, please contact publicity@optimumpublishinginternational.com or call 647 970-1973.