Mayor Brown's Transformation

City Life Magazine, February/March Issue

From political pundit to party outcast, former Progressive Conservative leader and MPP Patrick Brown, author of Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, shares the triumphs and challenges of his life in politics.

Politics has been a part of Patrick Brown’s DNA from the time he was nine years old. His parents, Judy and Edmond, nurtured this interest in their young son by encouraging him to read a variety of daily newspapers and discuss what he’d read around the dinner table. It was this unbridled passion and genuine interest to serve for the public good that would at first pole-vault Brown to great heights of electoral success, before almost destroying him on both a personal and a professional level. This hit-by-a-truck fall from grace prompted Brown to write Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown


LILLEY: Looking back at year following Patrick Brown's fall from grace

I have to wonder which policies the lefty activists would be protesting now had Patrick Brown not been taken out as Progressive Conservative leader a year ago.

Brown had established that he would run a moderate campaign, a less than conservative campaign, for the PC’s in the 2018 election. He endorsed a carbon tax, called for a huge investment in health CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE