James Buddy Day on Charles Manson

James Buddy Day Interview with Global

“You have a prepaid call from…Charles”

 August 8, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Manson Family murders. The crimes defined a generation and remain an incredible source of public fascination. Optimum True Crime Director and author James Buddy Day’s sensational new book that will have readers captivated and spell bound with a comprehensive look into the Manson Family Murders.

Buddy interviewed Manson for a year prior to his Documentary The Final Words . The book builds on his award winning Docudrama released in December of 2017 with extensive interviews with the prosecutors, the “Family Members” and many other supporting characters. The book challenges Vincent Bugliosi’s narrative on a Race War and a Religious Cult which he used to convict Manson and then mythologized through his book Helter Skelter.

 When documentarian and author James Buddy Day began talking to Charles Manson, Charlie’s story started with his insistence that the truth about him remained untold and that the system was—and had always been—out to get him. “When they lose control, they don’t admit that they lost control, they just lost face and they make another movie like you’re doing,” he told Day. 

“Don’t you want someone to make a movie about you that’s truthful, at least once?” Day asked him.

 Hippie Cult Leader was written by James Buddy Day as he put together THE FINAL WORDS, the only documentary on Manson made with his co-operation. The book will build on the global success of this groundbreaking documentary, which draws an average audience of 280,000 per viewing, even one year after its release. 

For more information about the book or to arrange an interview around the 50th anniversary please contact Dean Baxendale at 647 970 1973.