Hippie Cult Leader- REELZ E-Book Version


Hippie Cult Leader- REELZ E-Book Version

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After REELZ aired “The Final Words” After Director and producer James Buddy Day released “The Final Words” he had been in the midst of writing a book. After the docudrama came out, he uncovered new evidence and information that further supported the show you just watched.. Subsequent interviews with Manson Family members and others have led to this ground breaking book that really takes you through the Man and the motive for murder.

Ask yourself, was Helter Skelter the motive for the murders. Now through this exclusive REELZ offer you will received an autographed copy by Day. This is only available to Reelz fans. Get your E-Book at this special offer price of $11.95 or Kindle version also available on this site.

“Wow, this Book is incredible”

“Day, Got the scoop of a Lifetime”

-Entertainment Tonight

Phelps said of the book……
Manson will fascinate true-crimers forever. He was all at once an enigma, carnival barker and clown, but most importantly a bonafide sociopath, whose terrorized victims' stories should never be forgotten. Just when you think you've seen and heard all there is about Charlie Boy, here comes HIPPIE CULT LEADER an interesting, at times disturbing, addition to the Manson library. Written with passion and detail, James Buddy Day spins a well-told, new take on an old con man. - New York Times bestselling investigative journalist M. William Phelps

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