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The word that continues to block the deal is m-i-l-k.
— Larry Kudlow, Director National Economic Council
It would be so much easier to get an agreement in the interest of all Canadians if our whole political class was not made up of unprincipled cowards, so terrified of a small lobby group that they are willing to put 20% of our economy at risk to appease it.
— Maxime Bernier, Member of Parliament, Beauce

The most revealing political memoir in Canadian history.
— Dean Baxendale, Publisher
This is a story of betrayal, blackmail, and backroom politicking involving some of Canada’s biggest political names. This was my dream, this was my nightmare.
— Patrick Brown

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OPI was the publishing arm of the Montreal  Star publishing network before it became Optimum in 1982.  Optimum an award winning international publisher with a litany of best sellers through the 70’s, 80’s 90’s to present had a stable of  bestselling authors including: Margo Oliver; Margo Oliver’s Most Treasured Recipes:   Fred Breummer: The Arctic, Life of the Harp Seal, Children of the North: Greg Clark, The Bird of Paradise, Greg Clarks Favorites and so many more.

Fury to bottomless anguish to abject helplessness to a sense of betrayal to sickening fear.
— Vic Parsons, Author Bad Blood: Tainted Blood Scandal

Optimum was known for delivering sensational crime and political best sellers like The Canadian Connection, 1976 by Jean-Pierre Charbonneau. Montreal Mafia/heroin trafficking:   Beyond Reason by Margaret Trudeau, French Worldwide/ Global Syndication in French and English:  Political best seller, Up the Hill by the Treasury Board  President, Donald Johnson, 1986,:  Barry Turner, MP  From the Plains of Africa to the Jungles of Parliament, 2012 and most recently General Beatty’s book, Bullet Proof Flag, Canada’s Peace Keepers in Cyprus, 2014.  

Optimum is now lead by Dean Baxendale after the passing of founder Michael Baxendale in January of 2017.  Optimum Publishing will focus on three key subject matter areas in Non-Fiction; Canadian and International Politics, Organized and Corporate Crime, Social and Political Justice.

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